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  • The convenience that a sliding door can give is one that, arguably, puts the user at ease. A sliding door allows for easy opening and closing while also making a good allowance for extra space because of its parallelism with the walls of your house. It can be used as a door for different purposes and structures. It is also used as door for some vehicles. Because of the convenience of a sliding door it is widely known and used in different parts of the world. This brings us to the question; what is a sliding door?

    A sliding door is a door which is opened horizontally and as already mentioned parallel to the wall. These doors do not operate on a normal hinge but are mounted in two ways. The two ways of mounting a sliding door are; mounting on top of a track and suspending from a track above. These two methods are used depending on the weight of the door to be used. There are many types of sliding doors which include pocket doors , Arcadia doors, and bypass doors. Sliding doors are commonly used as shower doors, glass doors, screen doors , wardrobe doors or in vans. The sliding mechanism is also employed in gates and large dimension doors like ware house doors or workshop doors.

    Whenever you want a quality service in the installation, removal, repair or maintenance of your sliding doors, then you will be making the right choice by opting for the services of RS Locksmith Services. We offer you high quality and durable services in all the different aspects pertaining to sliding doors. We undertake installation of mechanically operated as well as electrically operated sliding doors. When it comes to repair and maintenance our expert technicians operate with high tech equipments in diagnosing, in the case of electrically operated sliding doors, and providing a lasting solution to any issue that might be the problem.

    You can choose any of these types of sliding doors for your apartments or large buildings. If you have any trouble choosing the most appropriate sliding door you can contact RS Locksmith Services for any advice and suggestions. This is important given the fact that if the door is not properly installed or if the procedures are not painstakingly followed the door will not be air tight. If the door is not air tight dust will follow and accumulate in the room. But with a competent and committed company like RS Locksmith Services all these will be treated which will make the door as convenient as ever.

    Reach out to RS Locksmith Services for all your sliding door works and you will be certain that a service of the highest quality is going to be delivered. We are committed to serving you anytime of the day and we have made it a policy that your welfare should come first in all we do.

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